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Hi, Whether you are from around the corner or from around the world, I want to thank you for coming to our website, I’m Dr. Ray Wisniewski, and I take great pride in serving the best possible health care for the families of the incredible Pittsburgh community and especially the wonderful suburbs of Penn Hills, Green Tree and Murrysville, and through technology being able to deliver this same high quality of care to anywhere in the world. I’m here to help you overcome any health challenges that you have by giving you simple and effective action steps so that you may declare victory in your health.

But I thought you may want to know a little bit about who I am.

Much of who we are is a result of our upbringing and the people and events that surround us. I thought I would not just give you all the professional facts of who I am but also just tell you a little about myself. First off I grew up in Penn Hills, (the same area I now practice) attending Washington Elementary School, but later moved to Plum Borough and graduated from Plum Senior High School. I was the very first person on either side of my family to go to college – something that was instilled in me by my parents for as long as I can remember. I always did well in school and my parents continuously inspired me and told me that I was going to go to college and be something. In high school I was the first person ever from my high school to compete in the National Junior Academy of Science, where I took 1st place in the state in my schools very 1st attempt at the Junior Academy of Science. (Wow, I sound like a nerd, but I really wasn’t – At least I don’t think I was – I just really got into this).

I must say that I always loved school, I participated in many things including football, volleyball, track, and 1 very odd sport in which I excelled greatly was Table Tennis (Ping Pong). I actually was one of the top young players in the country and I trained with 5 time US Champion Danny Seemiller. I competed in many championships including the Eastern United States Open, where I eventually lost to the United States champion.

Well, I attended the University of Pittsburgh, and excelled there, as I completed in just 2 years with exceptional grades which permitted me to begin Chiropractic College at Palmer College of Chiropractic, now Palmer Chiropractic University, in Davenport Iowa. This time of my life really shaped me, for my parents couldn’t afford much, but did everything they could to help me and they didn’t want me to take out huge loans, which due to my finances at that time, may be why I always say that students are definitely the poorest individuals in the world. While at school, I ate mostly generic rice and peanut butter for all meals. My apartment was $80/month including utilities. No it may have been some time ago – but that was still outrageously cheap – which may explain why one day when going back to my room from school it appeared that my apartment was covered in that tape that looks like it’s from some crime scene and my door had a fluorescent poster stapled from the door to the door jamb stating DO NOT ENTER – THIS BUILDING HAS BEEN CONDEMNED. Wow, this was my home, everything I owned was in there and now I wasn’t allowed in.

Well, after some coaxing the county let me in to get my stuff and my last year of school I was in 2 more places – one, in which I was a boarder in the home of a 92 year old lady (Mrs. Kable) along with 2 other boarders. The last several months of school, one of my friends and classmates let me move in with him in his 2 bedroom apartment. Wow, what a difference this was, I felt like I had gone to heaven, this apartment was so different than what I was used to, it had a deck, a fireplace, and a swimming pool in the facility. It was awesome! It was also $650/month plus utilities but my friend, knowing that I couldn’t afford it charged me $120/month including utilities. Yes, it’s nice to have great friends who like you.

These events really shaped who I was and are responsible along with my parents and my wife for creating the person that I am today.

There is absolutely no doubt about it that I get my extreme work ethic from my phenomenal parents Chuck and Barb. My dad worked 3 jobs while I was growing up. He was a salesman at Sears in East Liberty, at night (midnight til 3 or 4AM) he delivered papers for the Post-Gazette, and we raised dogs primarily toy poodles and wimeraners, which may be a reason that I never owned a dog after moving out of my parents house (they are a ton of work). Unfortunately, I lost one of my best friends, my father on January 28, 2012. My mother is one of the nicest, gentlest people that you will ever meet, yet she is a literal “work horse”. She is truly one of the most amazing individuals that I have ever met and to meet her you will instantly see that for yourself.

After graduating school near the top of my class and being able to successfully practice anywhere in the country, I chose to bring my talents to my hometown of Penn Hills. (I really am a Homeboy – I root for everything Pittsburgh – My friends out of state tease me and say – “yeah, we know, Pittsburgh, center of the universe”). My first practice was at 130 Jefferson Rd. and after only 3 years the state tore down my building to change around the intersection. Wow, that’s a story in itself – When the state came and told me I had to move, I told my patients and they reassured me that that would never happen and that Penn Hills had been talking about this for 15 or 20 years and nothing ever happened and they doubt that it would happen now. I believed my patients, so I ignored all the threats that they were going to tear down my building. Well, one day a bunch of guys came in suits and carrying brief cases – I knew that didn’t look good. Well, after giving me just 10 days to move – my father located another office on Laketon Rd. where I stayed until 1995, when I purchased the building of my current location.

As I think back, I could never forget the very best day of my life, January 22, 1983. Yes this was the very first day I opened my practice. I remember my friends setting up a mini celebration; we were to have a night on the town to celebrate. Well, how such wonderful plans can go astray. After work, I met my friends to start our celebration, the only thing was – in the process of meeting my friends – I had just laid eyes on the most beautiful and most amazing girl I had ever seen. Although I was quite shy (I really was then) I couldn’t help but go up and talk to her. Our conversation seemed to never end, and when my friends came up to tell me it was time to get going and start celebrating – I made one of the wisest decisions and at that time an unpopular decision with my friends – I told them to go celebrate without me.

From that night on, my wife Lori and I have been inseparable. She is one of the most intelligent and insightful individuals that I have ever met. We come from similar backgrounds; she grew up in the small town of Pitcairn her entire life. Lori’s parents are wonderful hard working people also. Her dad, Randy Cain, was a Port Authority bus driver and her mother, June, worked for the Gateway School District (actually she still does).

Lori and I have now been married 25 of the most incredible years that anyone could have. She truly is my rock and everything I live for. I remember those early years; my wife and I would stay in the office all day and often wouldn’t get home until 10 PM. My best friend used to always say – why do you even have a home – you’re never in it. So many of my incredible patients today have been patients of mine from that very first year, people like Carolyn Pryor, Veronica Hagen, John Snyder, Henry Ternet, Chuck Rihn, Jacob Dickerson and his family. I could go on and on – sorry to those who I didn’t mention – many who came my 2nd or 3rd year like Marian Oberly and her family or Linda, Gary and Dave Smith, Don Graff, The Brinzer family (their son was a little boy and now HE’S a Chiropractor, John Taylor and his family, and then there’s Darryl Smith, Kevin Long, the Slagle family, the Woodrow’s. I really could go on and on, I would love to name everyone, but to do so would get a little boring. I do remember well my very first patient Audrey Lyden, I saw her a few times since she moved to West Virginia, but it’s been quite a while now, or Tom Butler who was my second patient. I think of my early patients often, for I am very grateful that they had the faith and confidence in me from that very first day I started practice.

I so fondly remember some who have now passed on like Ed Martony, who always would check all the tables over so they wouldn’t break down. He could fix anything – you can’t find people like that anymore – Oh, how I miss him.

God has really blessed me and my office and has really used us over the years. Many of you know Rita – she’ll be the first to tell you that “I’m one of Dr. Ray’s Miracle patients”. In fact that seems to be the first thing she says when meeting someone new at the office.

I remember the day I met Rita so well. While in church, I saw a woman walking in that I had never noticed previously. She was walking in backward, for her head was completely turned around and she couldn’t move it. When my wife spotted her, she instantly turned to me asking what was wrong with that woman. I told her I really didn’t know, but it may be a surgical error. She then asked if I could help her? I immediately said, well of course I can, there is no way that you can have a condition like that without being subluxated and having pressure on the nerves. Well, being the type of person that Lori is, she said, then you’ve got to tell her, you have to let her know that you can help her. Well, usually I am the type of person who will tell anyone, anytime and anyplace about chiropractic, but I must admit, even I was a little nervous to just walk up to someone while in church to tell them that I can help them.

But, immediately after church, as I rushed against traffic, I just blurted out as I approached her: “ma’am, what’s wrong with you”. Since I was so tactful, the others nearby, who heard this, asked me what was wrong with me… who would say something like that. I explained who I was and that I was positive that I could help her. But Rita proceeded to tell me that she has a lesion in her brain, and that there is nothing that can be done, and her doctors told her that she’s going to be a “vegetable”. I told her that I know what she has, I am still positive that I could help her, and implored her not to give up hope. Rita’s friends decided that they would organize a car pool to bring her to my office. Well, that was the formation of Rita’s miracle, for she now can move her head like anyone else, she drives – her life has been changed.

There are so many “miracles” and examples of God’s healing power when we remove pressure or interference to sedated nerves. A few years ago, Cora, told me that today is 13. I looked at her a little puzzled since I couldn’t figure out what 13 was, and asked what is 13? She then proceeded to tell me that remember it was 13 years today that the doctors told me that there was nothing that could be done and that I had 3 months to live. Well, it was 13 years earlier from the day of that conversation, that Cora’s daughter Sherry, one of our patients, brought her into our office, knowing that there is a power inside our body that is far more powerful than anything outside of our body. Well, here we are now – 16 years later and Cora’s in her mid 80’s and continues to enjoy life so much!!

I stand here today almost 30 years after starting my practice, with more passion and zeal than I have ever had knowing that I just need to touch more people. Knowing that there are so many sick, suffering, dying people who could be helped, who could be saved. Knowing that God created us with such an awesome, awe inspiring power within us that can heal us from any condition known to man, and that I as an instrument of God must do everything in my power until my last breathe to get this message to every person. I believe that now with the internet – I now am able to touch even more people, I am seeing this vision come true – we are now touching families and transforming lives from around the world.

I want to thank you for visiting our website, I hope you understand the amazing power that is inside of you!! Remember, there is nothing outside your body as powerful as the power that God put inside your body.

I hope you join me in making this a mission to help transform the health and lives of this planet.

Dr. Raymond C. Wisniewski, 10483 Frankstown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235:

Professional Information:

Graduated High Honors Palmer College of Chiropractic 1982; Magna Cum Laude

Outstanding Service Award – American Chiropractic Association

Clinical Excellence Award in Diagnostic X-Ray

Past Vice-President X-Ray & Technique Society

Humanitarian Award – for service to the Profession & Community

Award of Excellence – From Teaching the World About Chiropractic

Award for Dedication & Service from Connecticut Chiropractic Council

Readers Choice Award Best Chiropractor East Suburbs – Gateway Publications

Readers Choice Award Best Chiropractor Penn Hills – Star Community Newspapers

Host of the Longest running daily cable TV program in Pittsburgh

Host Your Body By God Radio Program 101.5 WORD FM

Host Healthcare Answerman Radio Program 104.7 WPGH FM

Host Healthcare Answerman Radio Program 620 WKHB AM

Captain/Coach for Chiropractic Peers – Maximized Living Chiropractors

Founder NutriMost Nutritional Supplements