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  • Zyto Scan

    Dr. Ray is one of ONLY 8 Doctors in the world who are certified to write the Zyto CERF GSR (Comprehensive Electro-Impedance Resonant Frequency Galvanic Skin Response) scans.

    He has created some of the most advanced and comprehensive scans ever created:

    1. The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss Scan

    2. The 40 Day Transformational Health Scan

    3. The Overcoming Autoimmune Scan

    4. The Athletic Injury Healing & Increasing Performance Scan

    It is the Zyto CERF GSR Testing that makes all of the difference:

    With the Ultimate Fat Loss – it is designed to help keep your homones in the very narrow Ultimate Fat Burning Zone. The typical results are 25 to 45 pounds of fat loss in a mere 40 Days!

    The 40 Day Transformational scan is the only scan in the world that takes you through the 5 Essentials of Healing to help balance and transform your health and healing

    The autoimmune scan is unlike anything else ever created.. It is based on the known fact that autoimmune conditions are not due to the body attacking itself for no reason. It is always one of 3 reasons and usually involves a microbial component that deactivates the VDR (Vitamin D Nuclear Receptor) which is known to control 913 known genes of the 23,000 human genes. (However, it most likely controls at least 5,000 of the genes). When the microbe “hijacks” the VDR it takes over the innate immunity that would normally destroy the microbe. This scan helps over come the microbial component, take back control and reactivate the VDR and the innate immune response, suppress the bad genes and express the good genes, improve cellular energy and balance the hormones. This scan does too much to expound on and can drastically transform the health and well being of those suffering from autoimmune conditions by aiding the restoration of health.

    The Athletic Injury Scan was created after Dr. Ray had a severe tear of the medial meniscus of his right knee which was scheduled for surgery, but was corrected and healed in 5 days. This scan helps maximize health, performance and healing from physical injuries such as athletic injuries.