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Works as discribed

Gained 50 lbs from stress last year went back to dr nate because I knew this worked from previous years back when I did. Dr Nate helps you thru and it’s a game changer every day down a few ounces adds to lbs per week lost . I did little to no excersise with same… Read more “Works as discribed”

Kim E
Pounds Lost:Day 17 down 13 already


Doctor Arron west and his family at the amarillo office are by far the best support system of docs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My life changed the day I walked into their office and I am truly blessed to be apart of that nutrimost family. They are amazing, helpful, caring… Read more “LIFE CHANGING”

Emma W

Lost weight and I did not need too

On the diet, I started at 178 and got down to 150 at day 35 I had to stop early because I lost too much… Read more “Lost weight and I did not need too”

Greg P
Pounds Lost:28

Perfect Fit

Dr. Alaimo and Melany Tarr are phenomenal! They treat all of their participants with great respect and professionalism. I truly believe they have everyone’s best interest at heart and it shows every time I want into their practice! I respect their knowledge and ability to meet my… Read more “Perfect Fit”

Dale P

Best decision I’ve ever made for my health

Through 4 cycles of the program, I lost right at 100 pounds and am able to easily maintain when I follow the program. Dr. Drake and his entire staff genuinely care about every person who walks through their door. They are very knowledgeable and provide world class support. Thank you, Dr. Drake, Ingrid, Amanda, Taylor,… Read more “Best decision I’ve ever made for my health”

Deb B

Best Weigh Loss Program Ever!

The Bowling Green, KY NutriMost staff are awesome. They work with you to achieve the optimum weight loss and keep you motivated. Out of all the Weight Loss Programs I have participated this staff is the best… Read more “Best Weigh Loss Program Ever!”

Jackie E

Works like Magic!

The facilities are well organized. The Staff, from Dr. Abood to the consultants, were always there for me seven days a week to assist and encourage me. They explained everything because they all had been through what I was going… Read more “Works like Magic!”

Robert R

Nutrimost Changed My Life

I did the remote program and can’t say enough about the support I received. My coach, Sam, rocks! They are there to support you and get you to your… Read more “Nutrimost Changed My Life”

Susan M

Can’t believe how great I feel

Allison and Dr Meola are fantastic. Allison you are so high energy and encouraging and positive. It is a pleasure to work on my weight loss goals with… Read more “Can’t believe how great I feel”

Lori V

feeling good for real

well what can I say about the staff here. dr redman and his staff here are high quality they are very helpful and listen what you got to say. and if you have any questions you can always call and they will help you. thank you very much you guys are so kind and sweet.… Read more “feeling good for real”

Stephen A

Incredible Program

The staff at the Bloomington office are incredible! They’re always available to answer questions and give you the support you… Read more “Incredible Program”

Marcia H

Life Changing

Dr Aaron West has been a crucial part of my success! His help & support have been invaluable. He has helped my family members lose over 900… Read more “Life Changing”

Melissa W

Best Program Ever

I had the best support and doctors at the Boardman Ohio location. I never felt like I was just another client. They picked me up when I was… Read more “Best Program Ever”

Melissa B

The Nutrimost program is amazing and worked for me! Gary

The Ross Park staff as well as the others with Nutrimost have been very helpful and supportive in this journey… awesome!… Read more “The Nutrimost program is amazing and worked for me! Gary”

gary e

Love my new healthy lifestyle

Nutrimost of Amarillo is an amazingly awesome group of doctors and staff! They are very helpfully, concerned about you as an individual and are always there when needed! Thank you Dr West and Dr Aaron West for bringing this program to… Read more “Love my new healthy lifestyle”

Brenda G

Wonderful Program!!!!

I go to the North Hills location and thought Cindy did a wonderful job coaching me through my weight loss! Many… Read more “Wonderful Program!!!!”

Ruth G

Got my life back!

The staff is absolutely fantastic. They have an A rating with the BBB and I found out why. Thank… Read more “Got my life back!”

Michael R

Nutrimost helped me refocus on healthy eating!

Chris F

Life savers

Tara, Dr Taffuri and staff have transformed my life. I’ve gained a healthier lifestyle due to their guidance,care, and willingness to help me achieve my goals. My experience has been fantastically wonderful and I am constantly referring them to friends, colleagues and family. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t have the strength… Read more “Life savers”

Rosalia B

Lost more than half my body weight!!

Dr. Nate and his staff are awesome; I have lost a whole person with their help and Nutrimost. I’m so glad I took that leap. I am so much healthier now. The support I have received is… Read more “Lost more than half my body weight!!”

Jodee O

Better than Hormone Replacement

This is a small office in a Dentist office but Dr. Rice is great at helping me through the weight loss. She had great ideas from her personal experience to get me off plateaus and maximize my weight loss. And they provide free alkalized… Read more “Better than Hormone Replacement”

Brad M

Finally Success!

I enjoyed coming to the weekly visits for encouragement and advice. Really helps knowing she has been through the program and really knows it… Read more “Finally Success!”

Alice H

You can do it!

Dr. Chantelle Crouse is a fabulous weight loss and healthy eating coach. She truly cares about your success becoming a slimmer and HEALTHIER you. She kept me believing in myself even when I was getting a little discouraged. She is very knowledgeable and knew how to change things up to get me past the occasional… Read more “You can do it!”

Linda G


Crouch Family Chiropractic are wonderful. Drs. Brandon and Chantelle Crouch are kind and compassionate people who are truly interested in their patients well being. I originally went to their office last fall because I had injured my back. While there I learned of the Nutri-Most weight loss program. It’s been one of the best things… Read more “Nutri-Most”

Melissa E

Good experience.

Laura W

Amazing Results!

The doctors & staff at Crouch Family Chiropractic are by far the most friendly, courteous, & thoughtful group of professionals that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being their patient! Thank… Read more “Amazing Results!”

Ken E

First weight loss program that truly works with leaving you hungry.

Not all offices are equal. I have referred friends and they did not receive the same service I did at Flemington… Read more “First weight loss program that truly works with leaving you hungry.”

Andrea R

40 days to change your life!

In 40 days you can change your life. Follow the plan, it works. Dr. Rendelstein and Yamilla are supportive and provide the right mix of encouragement and honesty to keep you on the right path. The fact that Dr. rendelstein lost weight on this program enhances the experience. He knows the pain points and can… Read more “40 days to change your life!”

Debra L

Better heath and life

I owe a lot to the staff at the Kearney location. You are greeted with a smile and answer to every question you have. With the encouragement of every visit you get is overwhelming. Best team ever. Can’t thank them… Read more “Better heath and life”

Jerold W

Do it Again.

The support from the Brighton team, is what makes NutriMost a success. Having to text my weight in makes me more responsible, plus I have the team to help me at every step. They were… Read more “Do it Again.”

Love i

My Dress Fit Perfect!!

Dr. Mike made the program so easy! The daily support/coaching was amazing! There was never a question that he didn’t have an answer to. And it was nice to have Lisa to lean on too! Great Support and always cheering me… Read more “My Dress Fit Perfect!!”

Laura O

Great Support at Greenville Nutrimost

Easy to follow program. Real food, and fantastic support… Read more “Great Support at Greenville Nutrimost”

Kayce E

Pound a Day

Wanda is a warm, knowledgeable, committed, friendly coach. I need the support of people and not just an effective… Read more “Pound a Day”

Steve D

Two thumbs up

The support of the Watchung staff was a crucial component to my success on the NutriMost program. Their guidance throughout the process was key. The flexibility they had with my unique schedule and specific needs played an integral part in making it work. Everyone there had a friendly, pleasant, and optimistic attitude that encouraged me… Read more “Two thumbs up”

Chris G

Life changing program!

The staff is very knowledgeable and professional and they go above and beyond to provide excellent support! During my 40 days and beyond (I completed the program in Oct 2015) they have provided clear and concise guidance as well as teaching me about my body and the “why” behind the Nutrimost system. They have been… Read more “Life changing program!”

Tonya T

My Daughter’s Journey

My daughter has been overweight since she was 3 weeks old. It sounds hard to believe, but it is the truth. Her thyroid has been out of whack since she was born. She is an active young lady who enjoys swimming and diving for her school as well as doing track. I started noticing that… Read more “My Daughter’s Journey”

Misty C


Love Karia’s positive energy. Very… Read more “Success!”

Teresa D

Great Program

Fantastic coach, knows the program and is very compassionate. She inspires you to do… Read more “Great Program”

Mary S

I have my life back

Dr. Joe and his staff were great. They were great to work with. I always knew they were there for… Read more “I have my life back”

Carolyn F

Amazing Journey

The team @ Debary is so passionate about each person. They are always willing to help, listen and share their knowledge with me. Dr. Dan Yachter has so much compassion for everyone he meets. He always has concern for helping me achieve my goals to a healthier balanced life. I would highly recommend this office… Read more “Amazing Journey”

Chrissy F

Goal Weight

I can’t say enough about Ashley in King of Prussia. She becomes personally committed to helping you in your journey of getting and staying healthy. Thank you… Read more “Goal Weight”

Marcia R

NutriMost is Wonderful!

The Flemington location is very convenient to Clinton and easy to access. My consultant, Alyson, is so friendly, knowledgeable about the program, and wonderful to talk… Read more “NutriMost is Wonderful!”

Allyson I

Learning to say lean!

Dr. Ben was the greatest to work with. During the course of my weight loss,a couple of times my weight went up. He was very patience and encouraging to keep going. More importantly,he me the correct information to keep back on track and keep losing the… Read more “Learning to say lean!”

John R


Dr. Johnson is great and has a superb staff as well. they are a pleasure to interact with. Dr. Johnson has always been available for my questions and guidance. All doctors should be so… Read more “IT WORKS & IT’S EASY!”

Lance R

Super Satisfied, Definitely Money Well Spent

My nutrition consultant was very supportive and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and trust me, I had… Read more “Super Satisfied, Definitely Money Well Spent”

Irene W

Nutrimost works!

Their staff is so caring, friendly, and helpful. Anytime you have a question, they are there to… Read more “Nutrimost works!”



Drs Aaron and Darrell West are awesome sauce! They were very supportive throughout. I was able to text Aaron with any questions and he responded so quickly. The office staff was friendly and supportive as… Read more “Awesome”

Wendy H

Great Program

I really enjoy coming in weekly and being counseled by Colleen at the Strongsville Office. She’s always so upbeat and she really cares about you personally. I’m really happy having Colleen assigned to working with me with my weight management. She’s always very positive when she knows you’re having struggles with the program. She’s a… Read more “Great Program”

Joyce O

Do not look at obstacles, look at RESULTS, this program WORKS

Dr Mitchell Gordon operates several offices in CT. I did three rounds with him directly and he went above and beyond to support my journey, hes encouraging, non judgemental, caring and wise. Its worth a drive from any part of the state to meet him. THe Danbury office is a great local resource and Lu… Read more “Do not look at obstacles, look at RESULTS, this program WORKS”

christine g

Changed my life for the positive!

Everyone here was so motivational and positive at all… Read more “Changed my life for the positive!”

Alexi M


Tricia S

Great Experience

The whole staff at Café of Life have been invaluable in my loss of over 55 lbs and my return to a healthy life style and a better life. Wendy and Todd provided great coaching and Dr. Josh and his whole staff have been very supportive during the… Read more “Great Experience”

Lee C

My experience

Dr. Johnson & his staff were & continue to be very supportive Dr. Johnson took the time to discuss all the aspects of the diet & to give helpful advice. He explained why I needed some additional nutrients & vitamins. When I had some difficulties, he took the time to discuss these proble& solutions with… Read more “My experience”

Anna B

This program really works!!

Love the Cherry Hill office – especially Ann, my coach, who has been my support throughout the entire time. She is knowledgeable about the program and extremely helpful and supportive to her… Read more “This program really works!!”

Kim W

Amazing Results

I used the NutriMost program with the most amazing results! I’ve lost 65 lbs! With the help and guidance from Coach Renee in Cherry Hill, I have been able to keep it off. She goes above and beyond to answer my every question! She is so supportive and an amazing… Read more “Amazing Results”

Diana C

Great experience!

So grateful for my 44 lb weight… Read more “Great experience!”

Rick M

It really does work

I am so lucky that I found not only the Nutrimost program, but more importantly the Bellmore Office!! Dr. Josh and coaches Todd and Ann are all great, they are always available to answer questions or point you in the right direction. The office itself is very nice and clean and everybody there is great!!… Read more “It really does work”

Fabrizio A

Stop the excuses, just do it.

Thank you to all the staff at Nutrimost Solon for all your help and advice. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gotten through… Read more “Stop the excuses, just do it.”

Pamela S

Excellent, highly recommend!

The front desk staff are as beautiful as they are helpful. Always smiling and welcoming. Dr Johnson and Lisa were amazing and were available to text quite often. Thank you… Read more “Excellent, highly recommend!”

Mike N

It’s the only program that worked

Dr. Johnson and staff are super nice and very motivated to make sure I succeed. Dr. Johnson does nutrition classes all the time to teach clients how certain foods kill your metabolism. Nutrimost is by far the best program on the… Read more “It’s the only program that worked”

Virginia M

This is my 3rd go round.

Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are willing and able to answer all of your… Read more “This is my 3rd go round.”

Charlene B

Life saving program!

Dr. Rendelstein and his assistant Yamila are life savers. The support and guidance that they provided throughout my weight loss and in my maintenance has been so helpful. I will never be able to repay them both for their care and availability. This was such a life altering experience. I will forever be grateful to… Read more “Life saving program!”

Bonnie S

Amazed and Inspired

I can’t say enough great things about my experience with the Nanuet Nutrimost center. Dr. Johnson and Lisa are incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout the process. From my first visit when I was in tears seeing the scale, I knew Lisa was in this with me and someone I could trust and count on to… Read more “Amazed and Inspired”

Lindsey W

My NutriMost Adventure

The staff was very helpful. The NutriMost coach, Tammie was very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable as she had gone through the program… Read more “My NutriMost Adventure”

Dan L

Paying off in more ways than one

There is no way that I would have been able to get through this program as easy, without the help of Dr. Frank and his staff. Between the encouraging text messages, and informative weekly appointments, it was harder to know that the program was ending, and I wouldn’t be seeing everyone as much anymore. I… Read more “Paying off in more ways than one”

Frankie P

I lost 25 pounds with Greenville Nutrimost!!

I was able to reach my goal to lose 25 pounds with Nutrimost Greenville! The support was amazing, and I have kept the weight… Read more “I lost 25 pounds with Greenville Nutrimost!!”

Sheri K

Improve your health and lose weight!

Doctors Brandon and Chantelle Crouch are amazing! They and their staff are kind, considerate and truly concerned about their patients. They have always been as helpful and encouraging as possible. They try to work with you to meet your every need and give you everything you need to succeed on this program. I think they… Read more “Improve your health and lose weight!”

Linda J

Wonderful program

Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable about what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. He offers nutrition classes to clients and these are very beneficial to staying on track. Often our own thoughts cause us to stumble, but Dr. Johnson, his friendly, compassionate staff and his nutrition classes create a great support system to the… Read more “Wonderful program”

Maryellen A

Best Program Ever!!!

Dr. Abood and his staff are amazing and so helpful to me in my continued journey to a healthy and happy life!!! Love them… Read more “Best Program Ever!!!”

Marcy L


The staff is so friendly and encouraging. They have all used the program and have great tips for each step of the way. I know that I can call any time and its easy to get in for… Read more “WOW!”

Brooke S

I wish I knew about NutriMost years ago

The staff is awsome. You will receive encouragement, and valuable information that you use to keep that weight off. Cannot give enough accolades to NutriMost and the Strongsville… Read more “I wish I knew about NutriMost years ago”

Denise M

I FINALLY have my LIFE back!!

Dr. Thomas Bober from the Osterville MA office is a fun loving individual who is straight forward and gets the job done. I was so lucky to find… Read more “I FINALLY have my LIFE back!!”

Leslie M

Life Changing!

To say that I was more than a little skeptical when I first heard about the Nutrimost Program would be the understatement of a lifetime. I was a CHAMP at losing weight…but I was also a CHAMP at gaining it all back in record time, and then some. I had struggled with dieting my entire… Read more “Life Changing!”

Megan A

Worst experience of my life, what a scam!!!!

I paid $2000 and did not lose the 20 lbs and all they did was try to make me pay another $2000. They said since I would not give them any more money they could not help me. This is a complete scam and I am warning everyone to stay away from… Read more “Worst experience of my life, what a scam!!!!”

Tammy S


Everyone in Grand Island is so friendly and FUN! I loved going in for my appointments and just to pick up a supplement if needed. Camille and Jana are the… Read more “OUTSTANDING!!!”

Stacy N


The staff at Nutrimost Nanuet are so caring and helpful. They were with me every step of the way encouraging me and giving me information. I just can’t believe that I wasted about 2 years before actually doing it. I’m a fitness instructor and swore I could do it without any help***WRONG***. DR. J and… Read more “HAPPINESS”

diana r

On Program & Loving It

Ashley is great and really knows her stuff. She excels in her knowledge of how to make the program work for you. Great personality and great… Read more “On Program & Loving It”

Zeva W

Thank you Nutrimost

I’m so grateful that Amy was my coach for this round. She was completely available whenever I needed her and was very quick to respond to questions, even when she was out of town or not even supposed to be working. She helped me achieve my goals and had such a great attitude and made… Read more “Thank you Nutrimost”

Christi S

Life Changing!

Dr. Johnson and his staff are fabulous! I had the chance to meet with each one of his staff, and they are all very helpful! Dr. Johnson also has great nutrition counseling on Saturdays which I found very helpful to get a deeper understanding of why certain foods are better than others. Amazing support through… Read more “Life Changing!”

Michelle K

Best Weight Loss Program Ever!

Carline and Dr. B have been wonderful resources through my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Both are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get their weight under control and live a healthy lifestyle to consider this program. They will guide you to an eating approach tailored to your specific body. I… Read more “Best Weight Loss Program Ever!”

Barb I

It works!

My husband and I really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Mike and Lisa in the Woburn office. We have felt encouraged and believe that our success has been due to the support we received. They are both always available for any questions and are there to help in any way. The program is great. Losing… Read more “It works!”

Toby K

Success is mine!

Dr. Frank and the Watchung, NJ staff are incredibly helpful and supportive, always making time to answer questions and offer assistance in any way possible. For anyone considering the NM program, it’s worth the distance if you can join this team–they won’t… Read more “Success is mine!”

Diane F

You are never too Old to get healthy!! It’s a dream come true!

Paula H

Great experience. The staff is the best!

Celeste M

Looking and feeling fabulous!!!

The staff was more than helpful. They were so motivational and encouraging. They were always there when I needed… Read more “Looking and feeling fabulous!!!”

Kirsten F

Gave me my life back in 40 days!

The staff at this location is amazing. Everyone there is so supportive. They get it and they make you want to achieve your goal. Thank you Tommy B for sharing your experience which is what got me to make the… Read more “Gave me my life back in 40 days!”

Beth A

Very Happy

The staff is friendly and supportive and not judgey. I love coming in weigh in no matter what the… Read more “Very Happy”

Linda B

I lost over 100 pounds!!!!!

NutriMost Brentwood has such a friendly atmosphere, but they stand behind their commitments to patients, too. They follow their patients personally through every step of the… Read more “I lost over 100 pounds!!!!!”

Kellye R

Changed my life

The staff in Flemington is supportive, kind and knowledgeable about how to take control of your eating. Alyson was and is my coach and I am so very grateful for… Read more “Changed my life”

Elise H

It works

I aways feel comfortable and welcome in the Nanuet center. Dr. Johnson is helpful with ideas when I get confused or stuck. Samantha is quite knowledegable and… Read more “It works”

linnea s


I really enjoyed the process. I was very skeptical, but after a few days, I really starting getting into it. Dr. Noel was very supportive and made all the difference. I ended up losing 30 pounds and have kept it off for three months now. I really do eat differently and have less cravings. I… Read more “I LOVED it”

Brandon H

Best thing I ever did. Just do it.

The office is very friendly and inviting, everyone there is very friendly and… Read more “Best thing I ever did. Just do it.”

Kathleen K

Saved my life!

NutriMost Greer in downtown Greer, SC is incredible! The staff have gone through NutriMost and seen firsthand how amazing this program is. They are excited to help you reach your goals. I love them like… Read more “Saved my life!”

Heather B


I never could have expected the incredible results I was able to achieve with the NutriMost program. I lost 80 lbs in two rounds, went from a size 42 pants to a loose size 34. I’m able to play with my young children without being winded. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years! Thank… Read more “Life-Changing!”

Mike G

It worked!!!

Dr Taffuri and his staff were fantastic! From the minute we walked in to every step of the way they were always available to answer any of my question! The helped me lose 55 lbs the right way! I can’t say enough about them. Thanks Dr… Read more “It worked!!!”

Erik M

I loved it! but…I want to go again!

the location is less than 2 miles away from home but Dr Gordon and assistant were a… Read more “I loved it! but…I want to go again!”

Cheryl M

Best Life Care Plan ever!

Dr. Sandy is amazing, super knowledgeable, and so… Read more “Best Life Care Plan ever!”

Todd S

Shadow of my Former Self

There is not a Nutrimost Office where I live, so i went back to my hometown in Toledo and did the program there. Peggy and Marge supported me remotely as I lost 85 pounds over 4 rounds of the program over 13.5 months. Thank you for all of your… Read more “Shadow of my Former Self”

Kim C

Life changing!

Dr T., Tara and the staff are so knowledgeable, supportive and positive. They are available for questions and anytime. They follow the program themselves so they have real life tips which is so helpful. It’s a great atmosphere and they feel like… Read more “Life changing!”

Lisa M

Awesome experience leading to outstanding results!

Dr. Mitch Gordon and his partner Katia provided both instruction, knowledge and encouragement all in one package. It was an absolute pleasure to visit weekly and I always looked forward to learning something new about the wellness transformation I was experiencing. The weight loss was a bonus!!! The Wellness team allowed me to experience a… Read more “Awesome experience leading to outstanding results!”

Laura L

Total Success – Highly Recommend!!

The doctor’s and staff at Crouch Chiropractic are some of the most sincere, compassionate, and professional people! Through their constant encouragement, the plan was easy to follow. I would not have wanted to walk this journey with any other people by my… Read more “Total Success – Highly Recommend!!”

Jana B

My Nutrimost Experience

The location in Watchung / Warren NJ was local, easy to get to and friendly. It definitely helped to have the staff there also doing the diet as it made it easy to relate to me who came with questions and helped motivate me to continue… Read more “My Nutrimost Experience”

Adam D

They were not kidding!!!

These people go above and beyond to make sure you are happy, from the communication support to the actual moral… Read more “They were not kidding!!!”

Erick C

Nutrimost Changed My Life

NutriMost changed my life in many ways. Besides losing 35 pounds, the cleanse portion of the program helped me attain a feeling of clarity, vitality, and balance that I hadn’t felt in decades. I have kept the weight I lost off for years, and have an entirely different relationship to eating and food. The program… Read more “Nutrimost Changed My Life”

Greg G


So thankful that Dr.s Drake had their Nutri-Most plan on the TV for me to see. It made SO MUCH SENSE! My past experiences in weight-loss programs convinced me this metabolism restart was what had to happen for me. I am so very happy and thankful to have the support of these two doctors and… Read more “Logical-Effective-Safe-Sustainable!”

Sheri D

Great diet and great team for support

The team has been there every step of the way and I truly feel like I am visiting friends every time I go into the office for a weigh in or if I reach out for any reason. Dr Frank, Tracy, Doreen and all the staff there make me feel valued and truly help celebrate… Read more “Great diet and great team for support”

Elisabeth M

Brentwood office

On my 2nd visit the lady I saw wasn’t as understanding it was my first appointment after starting and I was having a hard time due to being hungry. After that the next person I saw gave me pointers & things I could add that was very helpful. She was very nice. I felt once… Read more “Brentwood office”

Arlene D

I’m Happy!

Laurie has been a godsend. She has been with me every step of the way. Every Thursday for the past 7 weeks she has been my cheerleader. When I had doubts or periods of skepticism, she always assured me that I was doing good and that the weight would come. Dr. Waldron has also been… Read more “I’m Happy!”

Judy C

Healthy Result Oriented

Haley and Katie know and share program tips with ease, humor and encouragement which creates a rewarding and successful… Read more “Healthy Result Oriented”

Pamela B

Nutrimost Program

The staff at this location is beyond amazing. They are always willing to help and give great… Read more “Nutrimost Program”

Susan M

It works!

Everyone at the Hutch location is very friendly and… Read more “It works!”

Molly T

Life changing experience

I have heard varying accounts of experiences at different locations. I am blessed with a location run by caring people who do their best to help people… Read more “Life changing experience”

Becky N

Amazing Program!!!!

I was on this program twice in the past three years, both times at Dr. Vince’s office in Downingtown. I lost 40 pounds the first time and 33 pounds the second time. This was primarily due to the motivation and encouragement of the staff. The staff at the Downingtown office is truly amazing. Dr. Vince… Read more “Amazing Program!!!!”

Kevin P

The mirror reflects me!

Tracy, Debbie, Dr. Frank and the team at NutriMost in Watchung are fantastic! They have nothing but your best interests in mind when they coach, support, work and celebrate with you. They understand what you are dealing with because they have dealt with it themselves. If you have a problem, concern, question, or need a… Read more “The mirror reflects me!”

Mary L

The only thing that has ever worked for me!

I was skeptical at first until I saw so many people that I know losing weight on this program. Nothing ever worked for me until this. I started the program on Nov 11, 2018 and I have lost 43 lbs and feel great. I have learned to shop healthy and eat… Read more “The only thing that has ever worked for me!”

Janice S

Post Menopause weight loss accomplished

Dr. Johnson and his team are so helpful and courteous. Dr. Johnson monitors your daily activity and he guides you through with a simple text message. They are an amazing… Read more “Post Menopause weight loss accomplished”

Michele S

Lets Go Rangers

The staff in the Scotch Plains office were great. They answered all my questions and… Read more “Lets Go Rangers”

Peter Z

This survey is apparently typical of the program.

My first visit was an unmitigated disaster-they did not have my first analysis so suggested I go home and compare my copies; When my stats were worse, all of a sudden “that’s what we expect”. How about a little heads up then, BEFORE I start to figure I’ve made a big mistake? I’m pleased with… Read more “This survey is apparently typical of the program.”

Sandy W


The staff couldn’t be more supportive, energetic and knowledgeable. Very caring and pro active thru the… Read more “THANK YOU NUTRIMOST!”

Russ N


Terrific people. Friendly, responsive, flexible, supportive (I could go on). Just an amazing experience with these… Read more “Amazing!”

Jon O

Nutrimost made me healthy losing 74lbs was the side effect

Convenient location right on main street. Doctor Johnson goes far and above most and is truly passionate about everyone’s success. His FREE nutritonal classes will keep you well informed and are a key to addition to everyones success after initial weight loss. The staff are all very kind, extremely well informed and are there when… Read more “Nutrimost made me healthy losing 74lbs was the side effect”

Daniel H

A brand new life!

Truly committed The staff at Nutrimost in Grand Island Nebraska have not only become independent support tool for my continued success on this program., but I’ve also become my friends. The best Nutrimost office I have ever worked… Read more “A brand new life!”

Mark R

It Works!

The staff is absolutely fantastic. They care about you and take an interest in your… Read more “It Works!”

Craig B

The weight loss was contagious

NutriMost Montgomery County’s staff- Dr.Ben, Dawn and Trish- supported us all the way. Although there were other loactions to do this program that were much closer to home, we still made the trip every week because we loved the staff here at Nurimost of Montgomery County. I’m so happy to see the person looking back… Read more “The weight loss was contagious”

Yale B

Greatest program around

The location is great on a busy street so everyone can see it with all the flags in front to draw you… Read more “Greatest program around”

Michelle K

I did it!

Staff was always… Read more “I did it!”

Cynthia C

My metabolism is working again!

Natalie M


Since I started this I have gotten quite frustrated. I am on my third counselor, I ask questions and I either get told I don’t know or let me find out and I will get back to you which never happens. I ask again at this next meeting and still know answer. I did lose… Read more “frustration”

Rick N

Finally, success

This office always tries to help you figure out whatever you need to find success with the… Read more “Finally, success”

Kelly G

I love it!

Staff was great and very… Read more “I love it!”

Berenice P

Love the program!

Dr Frank and his staff offer personalized service and remain in touch through the entire process. Traveled over 50 miles to this office while there is an office around the corner from my house. Wouldn’t have done it any other way. No regrets, been on maintenance for over 14 months and Dr Frank still checks… Read more “Love the program!”

Louis C

At First Was A Non Believer, But Now I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Johnson is very encouraging and the most helpful, and the Staff is just great as… Read more “At First Was A Non Believer, But Now I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Danny A

Feel Great

Dr. Abood and his staff walk the walk. They have all followed the NutriMost plan and they all believe in it. They helped me to understand, answered all of my questions and I could not be more complimentary about this office. Professional and caring. I would recommend this office to… Read more “Feel Great”

Patti P


Fabulous! The staff is so kind and motivating. You will never feel… Read more “Fabulous!”

Robin D

Changed My Life

Dr. Frank Donurama, Tracy Fenimore (my dedicated coach) and the amazing professional, caring staff in Watching, NJ really made a difference in my weight loss journey. They are so knowledgeable and encouraging and truly care about each and every person they work with. I felt very blessed to be monitored and coached by this awesome… Read more “Changed My Life”

Lorraine B

Best Health & Wellness System!

Dr. Johnson and his staff are courteous, encouraging and patient with every patient that walks through the door. There is a fully stocked supply of the supplements you need to succeed. I am truly thankful that I am working with them and look forward to sharing my success with them when I reach my goal… Read more “Best Health & Wellness System!”

Tom L

Sound Plan – Not Magic, but the results feel magical. Thank you!!!!

Ann was my original contact at the office. She and Renee reviewed the plan with me. Because of my schedule, Renee became my weekly coach. I texted Ann daily with my weight for accountability. Both coaches were terrific. I dealt more with Renee on a one to one “in person” basis. She was very motivating… Read more “Sound Plan – Not Magic, but the results feel magical. Thank you!!!!”

Pat B

Happier than I’ve been in a long time!

Ruth A


The staff is such a pleasure to work with on this journey. They explain everything, answer questions and are so very prompt and knowledgeable. Cannot say enough possitives about how this staff have walked with me every step of the… Read more “Wonderful….”

Linda F


Dr. Price was very helpful and encouraged me. He is very… Read more “Awesome”

Deborah P


The Kearney, NE location is amazing. It’s location is easy to find, the environment is inviting, and the staff are superior. From the front desk to the coaches, they truly are a TEAM. They know your name when you walk in the door and make you feel like the most important client. They share in… Read more “VERIFIED USER”

Julie A

Livin the Good Life

This is the most supportive group I’ve ever been involved with. I’ve had access to help in 4-5 ways at all times of the day. It’s difficult to comprehend that any company has trained their staff so well to work as a team to help others. I work in healthcare and I can only aspire… Read more “Livin the Good Life”

Linda G

NutriMost Works!!

Mitze and Jill have been a fantastic support for me while doing the NutriMost program at Cypress Creek Chiropractic and Wellness in Wesley Chapel, Florida! They have been understanding, firm but kind and friendly, offering me tips and suggestions to promote my experience and support me in my endeavors toward… Read more “NutriMost Works!!”

Deb P


My consultant, Lanette was always positive & supportive. She made the program easy with encouragement, suggestions, ideas &… Read more “SUCCESS”

Pamela C

The program works!!

My friend recommended NutriMost to me and at first I was skeptical. Once I met Dr. Johnson and he explained how much support he provides, I figured I would give it a shot. I am so thankful that I did! I originally wanted to lose 15 pounds and ultimately lost 20. I was in communication… Read more “The program works!!”

Lauren B

Best Experience Ever!!

The Watchung Nutrimost location helped me lose 85 pounds! They are a professional group of caring individuals. They are with you every minute of the program. I will always have to be careful about what I eat, but most importantly I now know what to do to maintain the weight I have lost. Dr. Frank… Read more “Best Experience Ever!!”

Ryan K

Crazy ride…

Fantastic, Beautiful place. Very professional and personal. Stayed in touch with me every step of the way… didn’t feel judged or critized for hiccups along the way. I would say that I felt like I initially walked out of there a little overwhelmed with everything. A bag full of vitamins and minerals and a lot… Read more “Crazy ride…”

Valery R

You can do anything for 40 days!

Dr Johnson and the Nanuet office are extremely supportive and effective. They are always available to answer any questions Dr J responds immediately to any text. This support helps you follow the diet very efficiently and lose the… Read more “You can do anything for 40 days!”

Alison W

I feel GREAT

Great staff, everyone is nice… Read more “I feel GREAT”

Shelley H

Successful weight loss program!

Awesome program. Dr Johnso and his friend staff have been outstanding! Best support system and knowledge of individualized program was been an amazing win for… Read more “Successful weight loss program!”

Jane M

Knowledge is Power

Todd is knowledgeable, amiable, available, and personable. I come away with more knowledge every time I have my weekly coaching… Read more “Knowledge is Power”

Steve D

Best life change ever

Dr Kenedys staff is the… Read more “Best life change ever”

Judith J

17 lbs in 3 weeks!

Lenny B

The best yet

Loved loved loved the location. The office has very friendly staffs. I loved going there everytime i needed to go. It was the best experience i ever… Read more “The best yet”

Jamie E

NutriMost Works !

Great coaches and office… Read more “NutriMost Works !”

Linda E


From the very first consultation Dr Johnson, and his staff was informative, supportive and compassionate to what I needed to change my life. I would recommend this office to… Read more “MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOR EVER”


Great Experience

Great location and staff is outstanding. They care about their… Read more “Great Experience”

Craig M

It only took 50 years to learn how to eat and find out what’s good for my body

Dr Frank and all the coaches are amazing!! So encouraging throughout the process, even still in maintenance stage. Anytime I was uncertain about choices, texted them and got an answer. Always so helpful. Made the process more… Read more “It only took 50 years to learn how to eat and find out what’s good for my body”

Linda W

Weight lost

The staff is really nice and… Read more “Weight lost”

Manon D

It works!

The Flemington location is convenient to my work place. They offer accommodating… Read more “It works!”

Chris V


Dr. Capriglione was completely thorough in his initial consultation. He and his staff where very hands and and helpful good support… Read more “FINALLY A PROGRAM THAT WORKED WHEN ALL OTHERS FAILED!!!”

Jasmine D

Support and encouraging

Dr Mike Pendolino has supported me through the process like no dr has cared about my health before. I was stuck my my yo-yo weight and now all see on scale is numbers going down. The support and encouragement the office has given me, made me stronger and capable on my mind that I am… Read more “Support and encouraging”

Telma M

The only way to loose weight and feel younger!

I love meeting eith my counselor every eek. She is so helpful and informative and supporting. I feel that she truly hss my best interests at heart. Everyone in the office is so pleasant and welcoming. A great place to go to lose… Read more “The only way to loose weight and feel younger!”

Howard S


This office makes there clients successful. Through a caring and knowledgeable professionalism, they will help you to succeed in your Goals. So, after trying many programs and diets I finally hit a wall, turned 50 late last year and I knew with two young children I better try something knew. Dr Frank Donaruma, my chiropractor… Read more “FEEL FANTASTIC !”

Bill R

Highly Recommend

Fantastic Office. Staff is very Good and makes loosing the weight and maintaining your weight a GREAT experience. I would definitely recommend this program and… Read more “Highly Recommend”

Michael M

What a transformation

What a awesome group of… Read more “What a transformation”

Frank M

Office and Program are great

As stated on the national review the office staff and Dr.Stanley are top… Read more “Office and Program are great”

John T

Want to get off diabetes medication ?

I just live over the Taa Pan Zee Bridge and Dr Johnson’s office is just 10 min past the bridge . Plenty of parking and usually there is no waiting , great staff as… Read more “Want to get off diabetes medication ?”

Antonio M

Life Changing Results

NutriMost of Southern Kentucky is an incredible group of people! Positive, uplifting, smiling faces every time you walk in the door! Couldn’t have done it without… Read more “Life Changing Results”


It just plain works

Staff is wonderful and pleasant Nanuet Wellness and Weight Loss Center is easy to get to from any… Read more “It just plain works”

cynthia B

DR. Johnson


anthony r

Really Works

Everyone in this location was so extremely helpful, they were great about when I lost , I know I cant celebrate, or my mindset is EAT and REWARD myself they repected this.. Great… Read more “Really Works”

Jeanne W


love where my nutrimost location is right on rt 30. Wanda is a wonderful and very friendly woman to deal with and very knowledgable… Read more “wonderful”

John a

Absolutely LOVE this program!!!!

The staff is so helpful and encouraging. Dr. Redman and his staff are always available to answer any… Read more “Absolutely LOVE this program!!!!”

Trina G

Fantastic Results

The facility is bright and clean and the staff is Fabulous! They are organized, knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. I feel like I have three new best friends! I never feel like I have a stupid question and they sincerely enjoy hearing about successes, new recipes or ideas that I experiment with. It is a learning… Read more “Fantastic Results”

Mary G

Very Happy With This Program

The staff in Flemington is always here for you. We are helpful and… Read more “Very Happy With This Program”

Beth S

highly benifcal

michael f

Awesome program

It is amazing how much these folks care for each person that walks in the door and the 24 hour service for questions and guidance is amazing. Hazel and Lindsay from the beginning to all of the new staff members since I started the… Read more “Awesome program”

Chuck H

Feel better inside and out

Great program easy to follow. Great support from the… Read more “Feel better inside and out”

Rhonda P

the Only weight loss program that worked for me

Thanks Coach Todd November for your support and… Read more “the Only weight loss program that worked for me”

beth g

Best diet ever!

I started my own Nutrimost journey last spring. I was first a client then a coach. It has been a very rewarding journey and I look forward to helping other people become the best they can… Read more “Best diet ever!”

Kathleen H


Dr. Noel Abood and his staff are great! I did this program remotely (I was living in the New Orleans area). I had my initial scan and started the program shortly after. I was met with full time support and could get answers to any questions! During anytime of concern or struggle, Dr. Noel and… Read more “Transformational”

Karen L

Best Healthy Program Ever

The entire team is engaging and answered all of my… Read more “Best Healthy Program Ever”

Denise F

Thankfully I made it through the program and I lost weight. I believe I could have lost the 20 lbs. on my own. I did not need the motivational messages, but I realize some people do.

Debra G

I feel wonderful!

I like that this is REAL food and not shakes! That combined with the accountability was crucial for me to stay on track. Dr V, Tara and the staff really know their stuff. Thanks everyone for helping me lose 25 lbs in 40 days! You guys are… Read more “I feel wonderful!”

Brenda M

Just starting

Everyone is Solon Oh has been so… Read more “Just starting”

Renee N

HOW did I not know about this sooner?

What can I say about Sam? Well, first let me say that SHE GETS ME! She knows her stuff! Sam made me feel like we had known each other for many many years. She was there for me every step of the way. Always available if I needed her. I was blessed with Sam and… Read more “HOW did I not know about this sooner?”

Jennifer B

Feel great!

Easy to work with and very… Read more “Feel great!”

Greg G

Looking and Feeling Great

Carlien is wonderful. She provides great… Read more “Looking and Feeling Great”

Tracie L

solution found!

The best staff ever. Ashley is always cheerful and positive. Its easy to see how much they care about your… Read more “solution found!”

Crystal K

Love them!!

Shari W

Lost 24.8 lbs and Feel great!

Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable. All my concerns were taken care of… Read more “Lost 24.8 lbs and Feel great!”

sarah b


Dr. Campana was a great help staff very friendly and extremely… Read more “Barnegat”

John H

It worked!!!

Wanda at the Lancaster office was soooo helpful and full of information. She was always accessible and still is… Read more “It worked!!!”

Elizabeth N

I couldn’t have done it without my weight coach!!!

This location is so friendly and convenient, right across from our local hospital. I am so grateful to have met Alyson, she is one of the most motivating people I have ever met. After having lost 60 pounds, I am getting a lot of questions of how I did it. I keep telling people about… Read more “I couldn’t have done it without my weight coach!!!”

Anne G

happy client

The staff is friendly, responsive and accomodating when it comes to appointments. Dr. Taffuri spent close to two hours with me and my husband explaining the program and, and is available for any follow up concerns and recommendations. Tara has made herself available to address any questions even on her days off. She is also… Read more “happy client”


Wonderful Program

The Nutrimost Fairlawn location is amazing and everyone who works there is very professional! They are always available to answer any questions. I personally love the structure of the… Read more “Wonderful Program”

Kerrie B

Weight loss

The staff in Amarillo are wonderful. They care about each person that comes in the office. They are always kind, caring, helpful, and go above and beyond to help each one of us succeed in our weight loss… Read more “Weight loss”

Tamarachena P


877 S Orange Blossom Trail Apopka Fl 32703… Read more “Bad”

Yaritza S

Lots of support and guidance

I basically stayed away during rush hour and it was a breeze to get thee and… Read more “Lots of support and guidance”

Kim W

Smart Program

The team in this office is wonderful, warm, and friendly. They are always helpful and I appreciate that there are no stupid questions in their eyes. I can take products in to see if they are what I should have in my life. I HATE reading the labels and trying to decipher the contents –… Read more “Smart Program”

Earleen H

Loose weight and maintain firm, supple skin.

All the staff are very knowledgeable and supportive. They will help you to reach your… Read more “Loose weight and maintain firm, supple skin.”

Marlene A

Changed My Life

the whole team are great, from the minute you walk through the door your are made to feel welcome and at… Read more “Changed My Life”

Lindsay B

Dr. John is Awesome!

Friendly staff, and Dr. John is the… Read more “Dr. John is Awesome!”

Anthony M

Nutrimost works unlike anything else I have ever done.

Hi Dr. Dan and Lisa, I just wanted to write to let you know how much I wholeheartedly appreciate both of you and all of your staff at both Nutrimost and Elevation Health. You have always taken care of me over the years, and each time I have a health need, I know I can… Read more “Nutrimost works unlike anything else I have ever done.”

Tonya T

Picture this:

The Fair Lawn , NJ Nutrimost location, Dr. T and his staff really had my best interest in… Read more “Picture this:”

Karen T

Transform your body for the long haul

The people here are great – very helpful and friendly! They’re here to help you achieve your goals and answer all of your… Read more “Transform your body for the long haul”

Jennifer K

Best Program Out There

Everyone in the office is great. They are so helpful and willing to go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. Weight loss is never easy, but it was worth it… Read more “Best Program Out There”

June R

Great Results

Dr Johnson and the staff are knowledgeable, supportive and professional. i looked forward to visits to the office as I always learned something… Read more “Great Results”

John F

Unsatisfied since they are still charging and time was 2 years

very unsatisfactory Dr Price and aide. Feel I was taken advantage of since I could not complete… Read more “Unsatisfied since they are still charging and time was 2 years”

Joyce S


Sonya S

Very Effective Program

Every member of the staff is helpful. They all are a wealth of valuable information, and want to see you do your… Read more “Very Effective Program”

Ann M

Love it!

The people are really kind and friendly. Makes you feel at ease when you get in. Great place for chiropractic help… Read more “Love it!”

Jackson F

Follow the program and it will work

The program is not hard or complicated. Follow the instructions, do not cheat, and watch yourself melt. In 2 years, not only have I lost 60 pounds of belly blubber, I’ve kept it off. And I’ve resolved a lifetime of allergies. I petted my first cat (without severe sneezing & itching) in June of 2016.… Read more “Follow the program and it will work”

Connie I

The best Plan ever!

Lanette promised me weight loss and absolutely guided me through the process. Especially at the beginning when everything is so new and difficult. She made the process clear and virtually easy. Whenever I had a question, I texted her and she replied with the guidance I needed. So happy with the… Read more “The best Plan ever!”

Deborah S

Still losing!!!!

Staff is professional and very helpful and have played a large role in my success! I have highly recommended this office to all my family and friends and to anyone that is looking to change their… Read more “Still losing!!!!”

Mike V


The whole staff at Dr. Brigg’s Office in Dublin is absolutely incredible! EVERY SINGLE staff memeber in that office is welcoming and encouraging and they REALLY CARE!!! I could not have done this without them and cannot thank them enough for helping me on my journey back to ME!! Much love to Dr. Briggs, Kari,… Read more “THIS PROGRAM HAS SAVED ME!!!”

Amy H

Great Job

Love the people love the program, such caring and heart felt… Read more “Great Job”

Jackie T

Diet review

Dr. Campana and Michele are the best loved the support and knowledge I got from both would highly recommend Barnegat… Read more “Diet review”

Lillian B

Feeling Healthy

Lisa is a great cheerleader and coach. She responded to every text and sent words of encouragement, advice and accountability along the… Read more “Feeling Healthy”

Christa W

Diet that worked for me!

Dr. Stanley and staff were quick to respond when I had questions. They all are very friendly and knowledgeable about the… Read more “Diet that worked for me!”

Debbie R

King of Prussia Pa don’t bother

Was fine when owner’s sister was running it and then became on your own. Owner reneged on $200 bonus for signing up during a period promotion. He even tried to make me resolve his employee problems which I complained to him… Read more “King of Prussia Pa don’t bother”

Walter M

Nutrimost Buckeye

The staff at Dr. Singh’s office are the best! Very friendly and… Read more “Nutrimost Buckeye”

Mike A

Sugar and Carb cravings gone!

Very pleasant and easy going staff. They not only gave me weekly evals but daily as well if needed with text or phone. Easy to reach staff and responded quickly Highly recommended… Read more “Sugar and Carb cravings gone!”

Mary A

Thankful, Grateful, Healthy and Happy

Dr. Alaimo and his staff are nothing less than fabulous! No question was too big, small, silly or not important. I’m so thankful to their office. Their knowledge and support made a huge difference in my progress. Without all of them I know I wouldn’t be where I am today with my… Read more “Thankful, Grateful, Healthy and Happy”

Melissa L

Great program

I achieved my weight loss goal, had support and accountability the whole way and the Solon office staff were FANTASY… Read more “Great program”

Matt G

OMG it works!

Dr. Abood and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I feel like my victories are their… Read more “OMG it works!”

Eileen M

Great program

my Counselor Kelsey is excellent, very interested in how YOU are doing in the program. Her encouragement, cheerleading and advise help me achieve my goal very talented person, a great asset to the… Read more “Great program”

tom b

Nutrimost works! It will save your life! Make the committment today!

Lanette has clarified so many of my queries. I can call her/text her anytime and she always responds quickly. I would highly recommend this… Read more “Nutrimost works! It will save your life! Make the committment today!”

Kathy E


staff was very nice but never got to talk to a health coach after I completed the 1st… Read more “wORKED FOR ME”

Allen M

NutriMost has made a HUGE Impact on my Health- I am finally in control!

Nanuet Nutrimost is the ONLY program that has helped me reach and maintain my weight loss goals. I went through a series of health challenges which included breast cancer and a spinal fusion. Through multiple surgeries and treatments the weight piled on. I tried other programs like Weight Watchers only to lose 6lbs in 3… Read more “NutriMost has made a HUGE Impact on my Health- I am finally in control!”

Lisa G

Was what it was advertised as.

Dr. Mike and Lisa were fantastic. Answered every question or concern with real answers. No dancing or fluff. Pleasure to work… Read more “Was what it was advertised as.”

Stepen V

So happy I found nutrimost!!!!!

I owe it all to my coach Renee. Her support and knowledge pulled me through the program. She is such an asset to the Nurtimost family and I recommend the program and Renee to… Read more “So happy I found nutrimost!!!!!”

Kelly V


I found NutriMost when I wasn’t looking for it while going to my chiropractor. It was across the hall from them. I weighed 262 and am 5’3″. I was 68 at the time. I asked my chiropractors about it and they said it was a health and wellness program as well as a weight loss… Read more “LIFE CHANGING”

MaryLou C

I am so grateful for Mayra, Dr. B, and this amazing program!

I am honored to have the opportunity to share about my experience with Dr. Benkert and Mayra at the Costa Mesa Nutrimost. Both of these ladies have been incredibly supportive and helpful both during and after my program. To this day, I know that if I have a question or a concern, I can contact… Read more “I am so grateful for Mayra, Dr. B, and this amazing program!”

Cathy B

Changing my life forever!

Always helpful and quick to return calls and emails. Dr Redman is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever met, which is a nice change from today’s current healthcare structure. The entire staff was full of helpful hints and suggestions to make my program as customized and successful as possible! Wouldn’t go anywhere… Read more “Changing my life forever!”

Amy T

A Miracle

Everyone is absolutely amazing and professional. So helpful and kind throughout the 40 day journey– from nutrition classes to daily texts. I will always trust them when it comes to what is best for my health and… Read more “A Miracle”

Tom S

Wow! The best weight loss program I have ever done!

My Doctor/coach spent valuable time with me explaining the program and allowing me to move at my own pace. All my questions were answered timely and I would encourage anyone with 20 or more pounds to lose to seek out the Bowling Green location; they are fabulous! You will be successful. An office has opened… Read more “Wow! The best weight loss program I have ever done!”

Lynn H

Lost & Found

One one word: ROCKSTAR!!! I HAVE encountered many “helpers” along my journey, but not like this group of dedicated/passionate… Read more “Lost & Found”

Nicol T

Journey to a happier and healthier life!

The staff was very informative and supportive and made the journey… Read more “Journey to a happier and healthier life!”

Cynthia J

Not thrilled

The girl who checked us in wasn’t friendly and kind of negative. It got to where I hated to check… Read more “Not thrilled”

Sandra T


The BEST staff ever! Cannot thank Tiffany and Crystal enough. Loving my new most beautiful… Read more “It’s WORKS!”

Shari M


The staff is great. Any questions at any phase they are they to answer and encourage you. They celebrate your successes with you (Which there are a lot) and if you have slow week, which it does happen, help keep you encouraged and show you how your body is improving in ways you can’t see… Read more “THIS WORKED!”

Megan D

This has been a life changing experience!!

The office is very nice, cozy, and welcoming. The whole staff is pleasant, cheerful, positive, helpful, and always eager to help in any way… Read more “This has been a life changing experience!!”

Elizabeth A

My Life Saver

The staff at Nutrimost are amazing. Allison is so supportive and very nice. She has given me so much encouragement. Just talking to her always makes me feel so much better about myself. She is a very special… Read more “My Life Saver”

Mary F

I lost 28 pounds and it has stayed off

I would give her 10 stars if I could. She is the nicest person and very compassionate. She answered all my questions whenever I asked in person or by text. It made dieting easier because she had been there and gone thru the program! She was a big part of my decision to sign up… Read more “I lost 28 pounds and it has stayed off”

wendy m


Kim and Kelsey are the absolute best! Had it not been for there constant support, I am not sure that I could have made it through. I’m grateful to have met them both and have them on the end of that cell phone at ANY time to answer any questions I had. THANK YOU LADIES… Read more “JUST DO IT”

Jameelah Y

Very Good – But you must be disciplined

Dr. Johnson & his staff are very informative and attentive. They do everything they can to help you… Read more “Very Good – But you must be disciplined”

Claudine M

If you want to change your life……

My Nutrimost office is in Franklin, TN. They have an amazing staff that is always willing to listen, answer questions, and assist with any issues. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I always feel comfortable during my visits. If you are in the area, you should definitely check them… Read more “If you want to change your life……”

Christy F

Awesome caring staf

Terra H

Good, but not Great, Inconsistent Information

My initial experience was great – I lost 10 pounds within the first 10 days. However, I did not lose the promised 20-40 pounds. When asking questions about food and portion sizes, I would get different answers from everyone I spoke with. My coach was not readily available, nor was his support person. I finally… Read more “Good, but not Great, Inconsistent Information”

Mary P

Life changing!!

Dr. Jim is the best with his knowledge and support, wanting you to reach your goals and be a healthier you. His staff are always supportive and encouraging and share in your success. He will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Wouldn’t still be here without… Read more “Life changing!!”

Susan C


Every time I come in the staff is very upbeat and… Read more “5 STARS!”

Elizabeth M

Saved My Life & Now I Live To Help Others

I enjoyed each and every time going into the office during the program. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They would answer all my questions and gave me advice throughout my weight loss… Read more “Saved My Life & Now I Live To Help Others”

Amy C

Best Decision EVER!!!!

Amy, Kaitlyn, and Lisa were my ROCKS! Between October and December I went on 4 weeks of vacation, 3 holidays, and lost 24 lbs! I bugged them daily with questions and and only had my scale one vacation!! And I wasn’t always patient!! Believe me they took some ……..:-))))) But always kept me focused and… Read more “Best Decision EVER!!!!”

Carol S

This saved me

Not only is NutriMost a fantastic program but the staff at Solon is fantastic. Dr. Abood got me fired up right from my initial consultation, he was available whenever I needed him. My coaches were amazing, so supportive , energetic and very proactive in their approach to keeping me on top of my program. Everyone… Read more “This saved me”

Joel C

Amazing Program!

My experience with NutriMost Minneapolis (Plymouth) was nothing short of amazing. I started the program a bit skeptical of what results I would experience but quickly discovered that I could successfully incorporate these new nutritional and lifestyle changes without a lot of difficulty. I can’t believe that I lost just over 40 pounds during the… Read more “Amazing Program!”

Dave C

Results better than expected!

We wish there would have been a closer location but you do what you have to do. The people who work in Solon are… Read more “Results better than expected!”

Eric L

I loved seeing my wife’s transformation!!!

Very conscientious and friendly staff !!!!! Great patient follow… Read more “I loved seeing my wife’s transformation!!!”

Jeff R

My saving grace!

The staff here is amazing! I never once felt like I was being judged for being overweight or in the position I was in with my body and my health. They understood the struggle I am going through and knew how to help overcome it while being an incredible support system. Ask them any questions… Read more “My saving grace!”

Kelsey M

Feeling amazing!

Vanessa and Cassie are… Read more “Feeling amazing!”

Carrie N

It works

Friendly and helpful staff made this diet easy to… Read more “It works”

Brian R

Changed my outlook on life

Friendly, personable and professional staff!! Always there every step of the… Read more “Changed my outlook on life”

Hazel R

Finally something that WORKS!

Renee is an incredible Coach! She gives such personal attention and has helped me any hour of the day with questions and obstacles. She was the key to my… Read more “Finally something that WORKS!”

Marie O


The team at GI has been so supportive in helping us with this accomplishment. They take calls, listen to our struggles and cheer us on… Read more “GREAT RESULTS”

Tami S

Out with the old, in with the new!

Dr Aaron West and his staff are the best! They go above and beyond to help you become healthy and lose the weight! They are always available to answer questions, and help make you feel important! I truly am thankful for each and every one of… Read more “Out with the old, in with the new!”

Mary H

Easier than you expect

The staff and my coach were Great! They answered all of my questions, and were very… Read more “Easier than you expect”

Billie N

Christine Oliver NutriMost Success

I love the Grand Island NM! All the staff there is EXTREMELY helpful. I feel I can call or text them anytime if I have questions or come across a hurdle and they have been able to give good, sound advice for whatever I may… Read more “Christine Oliver NutriMost Success”

Christine O

No longre Diabetic

The team at the Solon Nutrimost is exceptional and walk with me every step of my weight loss and wellness journey. Dr Abood guaranteed me that I would lose 20 pounds and expected me to lose at least 25 – I lost 28 pounds in 40… Read more “No longre Diabetic”

Tom S

Fantastic Results!

Dr. Mike and Carolyn at the Highland, Michigan location are great coaches! Thank-you so… Read more “Fantastic Results!”

Thomas G

NutriMost made it sooooo easy!

Great staff, very thoughtful and incredibly helpful. Dr. Aylor was very patient in explaining the program and made sure I understood what I needed to do to accomplish my goal, and his staff helped me stick to the program with encouragement and direction at every… Read more “NutriMost made it sooooo easy!”

Bill M

doin great with nutrimost

The staff at NutriMost has been fantastic. They are quick to send me the supplements I ask for. They give me advice whenever I call. They care! I love ’em!… Read more “doin great with nutrimost”

don r

RN LOVES Nutrimost!

I never met a more dedicated weight loss coach!! So many times when I hit a little plateau, Ann talked me off the ledge to ensure I stayed the course!! Love Cherry Hill Nutrimost and Ann!!! I wrote a more in depth review for the overall program as well. I always know where to go… Read more “RN LOVES Nutrimost!”

Gayle D

Great Experience!

The staff at the Brentwood office provided me with knowledgeable and helpful guidance from beginning to end in a non-judgmental environment that enabled me to reach my goals. Dr. Rice is a caring professional and I am grateful for her assistance with my journey toward… Read more “Great Experience!”

Ann S

Best thing to happen to me

Best people to work with, every single one of them is so supportive and answers questions like a… Read more “Best thing to happen to me”

Amanda D

Never give up!

The staff were all willing to answer any and all of my questions and possible concerns. They assure me of things and explained everything very well. Just don’t forget the salt!! Or the apple cider… Read more “Never give up!”

Nicolette L

It works!!!

Lanette is an awesome coach! She breaks down how it works, answers all my questions and is my constant cheerleader. She is a great motivator and has become my friend! She is the… Read more “It works!!!”

Geneva J

Goal Achieved

Great people and very supportive at the Minneapolis office. Dr. Shelton and his team are second to… Read more “Goal Achieved”

Darryn T

This program WILL change your life

I thank God every day that I found the Nutrimost program. I have lost over 70lbs so far! I have tried so many times in the past to loose weight with little success. Then, I heard Dr. Ray on the radio; he was so passionate and enthusiastic about the program. It sounded so scientific. It… Read more “This program WILL change your life”

Dianne B

Worked great!

Dr. Abood and his staff helped me throughout the process, guided me when I needed advice and were unbelievably supportive. I would highly recommend them to help… Read more “Worked great!”

Keith W

Excellent Program Results

The staff at my location are very supportive and encouraging. They were able to answer any questions that I had while I was on the program. Thanks again for your… Read more “Excellent Program Results”